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Criminal Defense Attorney Greensboro, NC

Individuals with Criminal Charges Need Experienced Legal Counsel

Facing criminal allegations and convictions is a lengthy, difficult, and emotional experience - no matter the charges. You may endure investigations, public charges, penalties, and even incarceration. Your freedom, finances, security, and the rest of your life are all put at risk. It is imperative to obtain an experienced criminal attorney to defend you in court. Fortunately, with the aid of an experienced Ivey McClellan criminal defense attorney on your side, you have the power to take immediate action and get the help you need.

Our local criminal defense attorneys have both state and federal experience. We have a deep understanding of the local North Carolina courts and laws to best protect you during your case. Ivey McClellan has a competitive advantage in Greensboro and we’re ready to use our expertise to properly defend you in your criminal proceedings.

If you are searching for a criminal defense lawyer, look no further than Ivey McClellan. At our law offices, we know that when you have been charged with a crime in the state of North Carolina, time is of the essence. Our qualified and seasoned defense lawyers are prepared to begin working on your case from the moment you reach out to us for help. With years of experience and successful criminal defense cases at our backs, we do whatever it takes to fight for your freedom and rights.

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What To Look For In A Criminal Defense Lawyer

In a criminal case, it is important to work quickly to defend your interests. Having an excellent attorney on your side who can put up the best defense possible when you’re in the courtroom is essential.

Ivey McClellan has the experience and skills required to properly defend you. Our defense firm provides aggressive legal representation to defend you against a wide variety of allegations. Our team of expert attorneys are: 

  • Specialized In Criminal Law. Partner with our criminal defense attorneys who have years of experience defending cases such as your own. We are regularly involved in the criminal court of law to stay up-to-date with the nuances of the courtroom and best possible defenses
  • Experienced In Local and Federal Courts. Depending on the type of conviction you have been charged with, you will have to present yourself and your case in either local or federal court. This is why you need an Ivey McClellan criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in providing counsel in these settings and knows the ins and outs of the courtroom
  • Backed By A Solid Reputation. Ivey McClellan has worked hard to build a reputation of fairness and integrity. Our reviews speak for themselves as we’ve helped countless clients find success, many of whom refer friends and family members to our firm. Ivey McClellan is always prepared to provide skilled legal counsel to defend your high stakes case
  • Responsive and Confident. When facing a criminal charge, these two aspects are of high importance. Time is of the essence in these cases and you need a criminal defense attorney who is responsive to your needs and on the ball when defending you. Our team is well spoken and has confidence in working on your behalf for your rights
  • Ready To Listen Closely to Your Needs. Ivey McClellan’s team is always ready and willing to listen, take direction from you, and simultaneously offer our expertise on the case. The big decisions of whether to plead guilty or go to trial should be left up to you and your attorney. We always take the time to understand your goals and priorities
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Ivey McClellan Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You

A criminal charge is not a conviction and does not equal guilt. We work closely with all our clients and help you understand the rights you have. Our criminal defense team assists you every step of the way, including pretrial proceedings, and we do everything we can to protect your rights. One of the first steps in a criminal case is to secure an aggressive criminal defense law firm handling misdemeanor and felony cases. Ivey McClellan’s criminal defense attorneys are specialized in a variety of criminal defense areas including:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI). A DUI charge, or drunk driving, in North Carolina should not be taken lightly. If convicted, the consequences are heavy including the loss of your driver’s license, court fees, fines, and even jail time. Our Greensboro criminal attorneys are prepared to handle your DUI defense matters and represent your case
  • Drug Charges. Individuals found in the possession of drugs or involved in drug trafficking are likely to be prosecuted. Penalties for possession or use of controlled substance charges can result in various penalties from substantial fines to incarceration. Be sure you have proper representation in the courtroom by contacting us for a consultation today
  • Federal Cases. Federal crimes are likely more severe and challenging to defend. Penalties are serious, which is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney near you who is admitted to federal court
  • Violent Crimes. Violent crimes range from domestic assault, abuse, or even weapons charges that are often prosecuted with significant penalties. If you have been charged with a violent crime, speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys about your case immediately

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Protect Your Rights

When you are up against serious charges, the right criminal defense lawyer helps make or break your case. Our qualified and experienced law firm shows we have what it takes to successfully help clients charged with crimes. At Ivey McClellan, our defense lawyers have years of professional experience and have served the Triad community in many types of cases. Our team of attorneys have extensive experience in defending clients with state and federal cases.

We ensure due process in cases ranging from traffic tickets and misdemeanors all the way up to capital felonies. Hire a local criminal lawyer to defend against your charges and protect your rights. We are dedicated to making sure our clients are fairly judged within the court of law.

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