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Speaking with an Attorney for issues of divorce, child custody or child support never something to look forward to, but can help immensely in guiding you through difficult times. Domestic law is a unique practice area filled with particular causes of action and motions that need to be negotiated over and filed with the court. As no two individuals are the same, no two cases are either.

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Ivey McClellan's domestic lawyers years of experience representing individuals in all areas of domestic law. From simple divorces and equitable distributions, to complex alienation of affection lawsuits and contested child custody matters, Ivey McClellan is here to help you. Our unique practice history enables us to view the domestic law area in different ways than other attorneys in the area. We gladly treat your case with the complexity and uniqueness that it deserves, and incorporate considerations on other areas of the law in order to better represent your interests. As most domestic settlements (or successes) may involve tax complications, we are happy to advise you on the ramifications that may result, as an example.

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