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Divorce can get pretty messy quickly, especially if children are involved. While speaking with a divorce attorney isn’t something to look forward to, it’s important to have expert representation on your side to guide you through those difficult times. Ivey McClellan has a team of family law attorneys with proven experience in handling child custody, child support, and divorce cases in Greensboro, NC and the Triad Area.

Family law, also known as domestic law, is a unique practice area requiring particular causes of action and motions. By working with an Ivey McClellan divorce lawyer, negotiations and court filings are more straightforward than they would be otherwise. Our attorneys represent clients in divorce proceedings involving children and spousal support effectively and compassionately.

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Divorce Lawyers and Child Custody or Support Cases

Divorce proceedings can be challenging, lengthy, and often expensive. When uncontested, a divorce can be a quick process. Your lawyer can simply mediate your uncontested divorce (involving no children and no property) for a straightforward, clean break.

However, if you and your spouse do not immediately agree upon all terms, you can expect a long and stressful situation - especially if children and property are involved. With an Ivey McClellan domestic lawyer at your side providing legal services, you get the help and advice you need to guide you through this challenging time. You can seek legal counsel as early as the review and negotiation of separation agreements.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Understanding the ins and outs of domestic law is an all-encompassing task. There are piles of paperwork, legal terms to understand, and timelines to meet - all while dealing with the emotional stress and trauma that divorce often brings. Our sole responsibility is to protect you, your children, your reputation and your assets. We have your best interests at heart and will protect you through the financial negotiations and legal proceedings to the best of our abilities.

Divorce cases involving child support and custody are particularly complex as custody battles may often become contentious. Child custody is one of the most contested issues in court, and it is essential to have a good attorney at your side to ensure the best outcome possible, for both you and your children. Our expert domestic attorneys have your family's best interests in mind.

Ivey McClellan divorce lawyers come prepared with witnesses, paperwork, and all other necessary information to make sure that the child in question, as well as our client, has the best possible result. Many of our clients have been able to successfully develop parenting plans despite the challenges that divorce brings. We help parents navigate divorce and child custody disputes during the court process.

Domestic Law Experts with Years of Experience

A divorce lawyer by your side can make the stress of the courtroom a little easier to handle. Your lawyer will have a deep understanding of the processes, be adequately prepared, and inform you of what procedures to follow. As experts in the matter, Ivey McClellan’s divorce lawyers offer objective advice and guidance that may not have otherwise occurred to you before.

Once a divorce begins, various paperwork and forms that are unique to your case must be completed. This process can be very difficult and tedious as it requires you to compile a lot of information, including financial documentation. A divorce lawyer alleviates your load by knowing which forms are needed for each case, and understanding how to best fill out the forms appropriately, accurately and persuasively. Just one error on a single form can lead to months of time wasted or even prejudice the results of your case.

When it comes to divorce, child custody, or child support, it is difficult to know what areas of interest you are entitled to. Investments, property, pensions, and more - each of these are up for debate during the court process. You will likely have to decide on subjects such as guardianship, visitation, alimony, prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement, as well as other areas of spousal support (such as filing a motion to enforce a settlement agreement). A family and divorce lawyer helps you understand what you are entitled to in your specific situation, and will help find a settlement or agreement that will work for both you and your spouse.

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A Liaison Between You and Your Spouse

A divorce may spur feelings of resentment, which often makes negotiations or mediation incredibly challenging. With the aid and support of an Ivey McClellan divorce lawyer, you now have an effective communicator and mediator as a buffer between you, your spouse, and their attorney. This encourages the lines of communication to be civil and productive which can make it easier to facilitate a more equitable distribution when dividing marital property and assets.

Divorce lawyers will discuss what terms are fair or not, and can help you and your spouse reach an equitable settlement. The emotional stress of divorce can include feelings of sadness, fear, betrayal, depression, and confusion - especially if you need to file a petition to terminate parental rights of unfit mothers or fathers.

While you are experiencing this wide range of emotions, you do not need any added stress concerning the court process. Our divorce lawyers in Greensboro, NC handle all the stress of courtroom procedures and policies, allowing you to be free of additional mental stress.

During trying times, it may be difficult to put your trust in just anyone. You may feel like you have to do it alone, or that no one understands or has your best interests at heart. When you work with a great family law attorney, they won’t just give you legal advice, but emotional support as well. With the Ivey McClellan firm, you can rest assured knowing you have someone on your side, who you can trust to work towards the ideal outcome during a very difficult situation.

The Divorce Lawyer in Greensboro, NC At Your Side

Ivey McClellan's domestic attorneys and divorce lawyers in Greensboro, NC have years of experience representing individuals in all areas of domestic law. From simple divorces and equitable distributions, to complex alienation of affection lawsuits and contested child custody matters, Ivey McClellan is here to help you.

Our unique law practice history enables us to view domestic law from an analytical and compassionate perspective. We will treat your divorce and family law case with the complexity and uniqueness that it deserves, and incorporate other areas of the law in order to better represent your interests. As most domestic settlements (or successes) may involve tax complications, we can also advise you on how to best address any financial ramifications of your divorce.

Give our family law practice a call or contact us online to set up an appointment. Talk with a divorce attorney about your case and legal representation today.

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