Finding The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can make a huge difference in your legal defense, and if it comes that far, your sentencing. Just like you wouldn’t want an orthopedic surgeon performing your brain surgery, you wouldn’t choose a corporate or probate lawyer to handle your criminal defense. While these attorneys may be adept at handling business filings and estates, you want a knowledgeable attorney that practices criminal defense every day. You want an attorney that knows all of the key players in the criminal courtroom, the judges and the DA’s, and has a phenomenal reputation in the criminal legal community. How do you know the right attorney to hire?

You need an attorney experienced in and regularly focused on United States jurisprudence if you’ve been accused of breaking federal law. Crimes that fall under federal offenses are most often called “white collar crimes,” meaning non-violent crimes that are financially motivated such as bank fraud, tax evasion, forgery, copyright infringement, and identity theft. Bernie Madoff was convicted in 2009 of committing one of the most notorious federal crimes in U. S. history by defrauding many individuals out of millions of dollars with what is known as a Ponzi scheme.

You want a Greensboro criminal attorney that is experienced in defending misdemeanor and felonies committed under the North Carolina General Statutes if you’ve been accused of breaking state or local law. A few examples of the kinds of cases these attorneys handle are traffic citations, drug convictions, DWI (driving while impaired), violent crimes that result in serious injury or death of one or more persons, aggravated assault, breaking and entering, theft, and vandalism.

You need a criminal defense attorney to advise you of your rights and to stand with and represent you in court. It is wise and advisable to hire an attorney to zealously represent your interests regardless of the criminal offense, from a minor traffic citation, to accusations of shoplifting, to having been found in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia or the manufacture thereof, as well as a host of other offenses under the North Carolina General Statutes.

IMGT recommends that you meet with several different attorneys that practice criminal defense before entering into an agreement for services with any of them. You need to know whether the attorney that will represent you:

  • Is skilled in the art of negotiation
  • Is well-established in the community in which you will be tried
  • Has the resources and the time to dedicate to your defense
  • Has a reputation for being dedicated to their clients interests, and
  • Has the time and desire to answer your questions in a way you can understand


Contact our Greensboro criminal lawyers to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney. IMGT is a trusted firm in the legal community dedicated to representing its clients to the fullest extent possible.