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Having a real estate attorney on your side can save you time, money, and effort throughout the entire purchasing processes for your new home or commercial piece of property. A real estate purchase can mark a brave new beginning to your life, with endless possibilities awaiting. Doesn’t it make sense to have a lawyer on your side that understands real estate?

At Ivey, McClellan, Gatton & Siegmund, LLP, we have years of real estate education and experience to help you meet all of your needs. We are able to use this experience to help you avoid the pitfalls and headaches that can arise later, while making sure the process is as smooth for you as possible.

Property Planning

Perhaps you aren’t interested in just closing on a piece of property, but instead are interested in a more comprehensive strategy for the ownership or transfer of your property in the future. Our real estate attorneys can offer you individualized approach to your real estate planning needs. Ivey McClellan uses years of experience in other areas of law, in order to think outside the box on how to best preserve your property. This can be the most valuable asset someone owns, and and Ivey McClellan is dedicated to giving the right advice for correct ownership structure in order to protect it.

Lawyers To Help You Along The Way

Ivey McClellan’s representation often doesn’t end at closing. Real estate transactions can sometimes end with disagreements between parties, which can further add to the headache of real estate sales. As a result, our attorneys practice a wide variety of real estate litigation assistance. Whether you are a landlord, a tenant, a purchaser, or a seller, you may have contract rights that should be enforced. Ivey McClellan’s attorneys can represent you in state and federal courts throughout the state of North Carolina to ensure that your rights are fully protected and sufficiently represented.

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