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Every year, millions of people attempt to navigate the court system while being underrepresented by court-appointed lawyers. In fact, 80 percent of state criminal defendants lack the ability to pay for lawyers and thus have to depend on court-appointed counsel for criminal cases. Though many look to court-appointed counsel, this may not be the best choice, as in the criminal justice system, there is a chance that the public defender is overworked and underfunded.

Being underrepresented in court can make or break your case. The harsh reality is that there are numerous cases of unprofessionalism by criminal attorneys and public defenders. The result of unprofessionalism from a criminal lawyer is defendants being deprived of a fair trial or sentencing, or even a retrial.


That is why it is essential to have a professional and quality-driven criminal defense lawyer at your side during times of crisis. 

When charged with a crime or even accused of a crime in North Carolina, your financial and physical future are at stake. Your freedom is up in the air and is in the hands of the court. Would you want your future to be determined by an overworked public defender? Or would you want the best chance of getting the best outcome possible with a Greensboro criminal defense lawyer?


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Quality Representation With A Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is important that if you have been charged with a crime, that you find a lawyer to represent you properly. Some common criminal charges include:

  • Drug Charges
  • Probation Violations
  • Sex Crimes
  • Weapons Charges
  • Traffic Violations

Felony charges for crimes like these can carry massive fines and in some cases, long prison sentences. When it comes to whether you're guilty or not guilty, you don't want to roll the dice. Working with a knowledgeable and professional lawyer is important if you are facing criminal charges that can drastically change your life. Ivey McClellan's criminal defense lawyers can provide you with the impartial legal counsel that you need.

Also, when facing lesser misdemeanor charges, which may still bring along hefty fines and excess stress to everyone involved, only those defendants whose offenses and convictions result in incarceration are entitled to the assistance of counsel. So even if you are facing numerous court-imposed fines, without the possibility of jail time, you may not receive the legal aid of a public defense attorney.

A criminal lawyer in Greensboro, NC can help you:

  • Negotiate with the prosecutor regarding a plea bargain
  • Secure a favorable deal
  • Reduce the possibility of punishment
  • Help with a reduction of fines
  • Or provide counsel to help convince you are innocent of the accused crime

Criminal defense lawyers have studied and trained to understand every aspect of criminal law and courtroom procedures. They know the criminal justice system, and can be your best shot at building a favorable case.

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Self Representation vs. Hiring a Defense Lawyer

When facing criminal charges, another option is to appear in court pro se (advocating on one's own behalf). However, having an experienced criminal attorney will provide you with the opportunity to craft a strong defense strategy that can help lead to the best outcome possible. Representing oneself in court may seem like an easy way to save yourself attorney fees since only you know the truth about the case. This could not be further from the truth. When it comes to the court system and a jury trial, it is incredibly beneficial to all parties involved to not appear pro se. In a study produced by the Boston Bar Association Task Force on Unrepresented Litigation, it is shown that pro se litigation slows down the criminal process and potentially increases miscarriages of justice.

Criminal trials have been described as a high stakes game of chess as opposed to a game of checkers, where one must have the technical knowledge as well as the ability to deal with surprises that come along the way. An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows how to best deal with all factors of the legal proceedings. Some of the biggest mistakes seen when people attempt to provide their own legal defense include:

  • Believing that they will get special treatment
    • When representing yourself, you will have to play the role of an attorney, and the judge will not grant you leeway with procedural rules and courtroom proceedings in any way. You will be held in the same regard as an attorney with legal education and will be required to act as such.
  • Procedural mistakes
    • Filing court documents and forms correctly and completely can be confusing for someone who is still learning about the basic procedures of the court.
  • Not understanding courtroom jargon
    • Unfamiliarity with the terminology of the courtroom will not grant you a pass. Though it should be made easier to understand, not having legal counsel will limit your ability to gather the needed information and provide yourself the best defense. When verdicts are on the line, you simply can't afford that.

A Greensboro Criminal Defense Attorney at Your Side

Retaining unskilled legal representation, consulting an attorney with a lack of legal experience, or attempting to navigate the court system alone can be disastrous if you have been charged with a crime. At our law office, our defense lawyers have over 60 years of combined experience and have served the Triad community in many types of cases, ensuring due process in cases ranging from traffic tickets and misdemeanors all the way up to capital felonies. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best in criminal defense law and making sure that they are fairly judged within the court of law.

A few benefits of working with a qualified professional defense lawyer include:

  • They can navigate the criminal law system. If you do not have a comprehensive understanding of the criminal law system, it can be an incredibly tumultuous and complicated place. When the outcomes on the table include jail time, high fees, or other consequences, you want to make sure you have the best representation possible. When you are on your own, prosecutors can often take advantage of your inexperience, getting you to take an unfair plea deal or having your case result in not the best possible outcome. 
  •  When you work with a criminal defense lawyer, you can rest assured that you have someone on your side who is completely dedicated to achieving the most acceptable outcome for your situation. They have your best interests in mind, and can also offer objective advice while you go through this confusing and stressful time.
  • The court process is a complicated, lengthy, and confusing time. Many cases involve testimony from witnesses, evidence, statements, and mounds of paperwork. During all this, you want to make sure that your side of the story is accurately represented. Criminal defense lawyers have access to resources, like private investigators, to make sure that your story is accurately portrayed. 

Get the Representation You Deserve

At Ivey McClellan, our criminal defense attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of criminal law. Our criminal defense lawyers in Greensboro, NC have represented individuals facing criminal convictions before District, Superior and Federal Courts in North Carolina. We have worked with clients in criminal trials, appeals before the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the North Carolina Supreme Court, and if necessary, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Whatever your needs, we have experience, knowledge, and connections to represent you through one of the most difficult times you will likely encounter. We’ll be on your side every single step of the way and ensure you are treated fairly in the legal system and informed every step of the way. We will fight for you, ensuring that you have the best legal representation available to you while in and out of criminal court. Contact us to discuss your options and receive an initial consultation with an experienced criminal attorney today.

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