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The debilitating feeling that comes as you attempt to tread water when you're drowning in debt is not a position anyone wants to find oneself in. However, it can be of great relief to have someone who understands the wide variety of debt relief options available to you when you find yourself in this predicament -- bankruptcy included.

In our over 70 years of experience practicing bankruptcy law at our Greensboro law firm, Ivey McClellan, our lawyers have found that many of our clients sincerely desire to get their debts paid off and to hold on to as many of their valuable assets, such as a property, as possible. Each bankruptcy attorney on our team has experience aiding their clients to protect those assets from creditors by establishing a repayment plan with creditors.

Our experienced team of attorneys and litigators thoroughly understand the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process, also referred to as wage earner’s bankruptcy, and can more thoroughly discuss the filing and payments process with you. However, it suffices to say that provided you have disposable income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may give you that financial fresh start that you're seeking to start anew in making timely debt payments.

Scheduling an initial consultation with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney from our law firm is the first step in the right direction to addressing your debt woes so that you can ultimately achieve that peace of mind that you're seeking.

During that meeting, a bankruptcy lawyer will be able to learn more about your financial situation and your ability to re-pay debts as part of a Court-ordered plan. A North Carolina Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer from Ivey McClellan over the costs associated with pursuing this debt relief option, if deemed right for you, including the filing fee and attorney fees, and answer questions about the bankruptcy process you may have.

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Why Hire a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law Attorney

Once you've decided, along with your Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer from Ivey McClellan, that filing bankruptcy is right for you, you can count on them to provide you with guidance and an action plan for moving forward.

We are more than just a firm that reads you bankruptcy law that's readily accessible on the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts websites. We also do more than help you fill out bankruptcy forms.

The Ivey McClellan team of bankruptcy attorneys helps you actualize the best-case scenario for your finances, such as debt repayment, debt consolidation, debt settlement, and other appropriate solutions. We utilize our extensive experience in handling legal matters like yours to interpret the bankruptcy code for you and tell you how it best applies to your unique case.

By choosing an Ivey McClellan bankruptcy lawyer, you can rest easy knowing we are there with you every step of the way, including making the right decisions for your life and financial future after bankruptcy.

Stages in the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process an Ivey McClellan Attorney Can Help With

Typical Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases comprise the following components, which we will aid you with every step of the way.

Responsibilities To Address Before Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • Pre-filing credit counseling requirements, debtor coursework which must be completed through an approved nonprofit agency of credit counselors
  • Filling out various bankruptcy forms required to file, including information on debts, disposable income, property and other monthly expenses

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Responsibilities That Come After Doing So

  • Submitting a bankruptcy petition to formally begin the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process 
  • Developing a repayment plan to satisfy lenders or creditors and pay back debts owed
  • Submitting your proposed payment plan 
  • Attending a creditor meeting court date to discuss any issues with the proposed Chapter 13 payment plan
  • Attending a confirmation hearing with the trustee of the federal bankruptcy court so they can confirm or object to the proposed payment plan and outline their intention to oversee your repayment over the course of three to five years 
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Complying With Your Responsibilities Per the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Repayment Plan

  • Working with the North Carolina bankruptcy trustee appointed to your case who is responsible for collecting and disbursing monthly payments to creditors
  • Making sure to make a timely first payment or ensure payroll deduction is set up correctly to ensure any designated creditor gets paid consistently and on time so you can protect your assets
  • Notifying your attorney at our law firm immediately if any unexpected situation arises that will affect your ability to pay a creditor for debts owed per your plan, as in the case of secured claims, it's possible a creditor could sell off your property if they're not paid per the repayment plan schedule

Before Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case Concludes

  • Before completing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debtors must complete a debtor education course from an approved nonprofit credit counseling agency to get any lingering unsecured debts discharged

Understanding How a Chapter 13 Payment Plan Works

As mentioned above, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a particularly attractive option for consumers in the arrears on both secured and unsecured debt but that have the income to pay if the terms of that debt are renegotiated and they can have what amounts to a fresh start financially speaking.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps wage-earning individuals specifically seek relief from unsecured creditors and lender harassment for immediate payments on debt obligations such as auto loans that, if left unpaid, can result in repossession. Additionally, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help Greensboro homeowners experiencing financial problems who wish to keep their home mortgage and avoid foreclosure but find themselves with unsecured debts such as personal loans and high credit card bills.

Individuals who declare Chapter 13 bankruptcy agree to repayment plans which allow them to pay back debts to creditors over the course of three to five years in exchange for debt relief.

Under a repayment plan, debts are reorganized, assets on which debts are owed are not repossessed, liquidated, or foreclosed on, and creditors' harassment is forbidden. Additionally, creditor debt collection must cease while outstanding debts on the property and unsecured assets are actively being paid.

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan can make monthly payments per the plan to address unsecured credit card debt. This gives debtors the ability to begin the process of repairing any credit score damage they've sustained.

How To Create a Payment Plan After a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing

The paperwork you complete when preparing to file bankruptcy is used by your attorney to determine what's an appropriate payment plan to propose to your creditors. The Court uses that same documentation to determine whether to ultimately accept the plan you and your creditors agree to.

Essentially, the goal is for you to pay on any unsecured debts and catch up on any amount in the arrears on secured ones during the term of the plan. It's generally unnecessary to completely pay off an unsecured debt in its entirety for the remaining balance due to be discharged at the case's conclusion.

Benefits of Entering Into a Chapter 13 Payment Plan

A consumer in debt who agrees to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also be granted an automatic stay on any impending foreclosure proceedings by agreeing to plan payments. Generally, eligibility for this type of bankruptcy and, thus, an ability to catch up on mortgage payments depends on a debtor's financial situation and access to verifiable, disposable income. Provided a debtor has disposable income and, thus the ability to make regular payments, the Court will generally approve their plan.

Work with Ivey McClellan’s team of bankruptcy attorneys to get relief from creditors and avoid liquidation. We understand how to efficiently develop payment plans and which steps you need to take pre-filing, when making payments during the allotted period, and what to expect of your life after the discharge of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Contact an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer today.

Experience Matters When Filing Bankruptcy in North Carolina

You can count on us to walk you through every step of Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings and help you uncover financial relief options every step of the way.

Our Greensboro law firm has decades of experience handling bankruptcy cases for Piedmont Triad residents just like you. We have experience providing legal help with common debtor challenges under our belts, and every attorney on our team is well-equipped to help you navigate bankruptcy law and the respective court system. This is critical so you can enjoy debt relief by filing for bankruptcy in North Carolina.

If you are considering filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it pays to have a qualified, experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer on your side to help navigate what can often be a complex bankruptcy process. Ivey McClellan is prepared to handle the most complicated insolvency cases and represents clients in bankruptcy courts.

Choose Ivey McClellan as Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

We have years of experience with all types of bankruptcy. Each attorney at our Greensboro law firm is fully committed to representing insolvent individuals interested in Chapter 13 bankruptcy in North Carolina.

Without proper legal counsel and a team of experienced bankruptcy lawyers, individuals face a complicated road to financial relief. Anyone seeking debt relief, which some refer to as a financial clean slate, through Chapter 13 in Greensboro, NC needs a trusted bankruptcy lawyer on their side.

Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers devote the resources and time our clients need to get the most from their bankruptcy cases. We go above and beyond to help debtors petition and file for bankruptcy and continue to assist them as they navigate life after filing. Ivey McClellan is dedicated to helping each client find the best solution for debt and develop repayment plans that make sense.

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Although it is possible to represent yourself in a Chapter 13 case bankruptcy filing, a successful ruling via pro se representation is extremely difficult to achieve. Most bankruptcy courts encourage the presence and guidance of professional legal counsel, like our North Carolina Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers.

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers at Ivey McClellan work through your case alongside you. To learn more about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Greensboro, NC and how to get you the debt-free life you want, contact us for a consultation or schedule an appointment today.

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