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Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, every business in Greensboro, NC faces the potential for disputes to arise while on the track to success. Resolving these conflicts in a quick and timely matter can spare your company from becoming entrenched in the high costs and long hours of litigation that can have far-reaching negative effects on your North Carolina business. 

From resolving conflicts with business partners, vendors, employees, or more, our business litigation attorneys have the experience and professionalism to help you resolve your problems. We understand the need for swift, confidential service in resolving your conflicts and standing beside you until the job is done.

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Litigation is an area that many law firms practice, but few focus on the needs of the client over the “win” of the case. While winning is important to any business litigation lawyer, maximizing the value our clients receive as a result while minimizing the loss you are likely to receive at the end is much more important than simply acquiring a “win.”

Ivey, McClellan’s business litigation attorneys practice in a wide variety of litigation in the State and Federal Courts of North Carolina. We have represented individuals and businesses in Plaintiff and Defendant litigation before the District and Superior Courts in Guilford, Rockingham, Randolph, Forsyth, Mecklenburg, Alamance, Davidson, Wake, and surrounding Counties. We have also represented individuals and businesses in Plaintiff and Defendant litigation in all three Federal District Courts in the state of North Carolina, all three Federal Bankruptcy Courts in the state of North Carolina, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Our experienced business litigators give you the one-on-one attention that it takes to understand you, your business, and your company objectives. By understanding the ins and outs of your Greensboro, NC business, we are able to craft a unique legal strategy that is personalized for you and your business needs. With a reputation for aggressive representation in negotiation or trial, we are focused solely on your success.

Types of Business Litigation Offered in Greensboro, NC

We have experience representing sole proprietorships, partnerships, individuals, corporations and other business types. Our business litigation attorneys in Greensboro, NC can help navigate a wide range of business disputes in state or federal court. These may include:

  • Business-related fraud
  • Shareholder lawsuits and claims for breach of fiduciary duty, theft or conversion of property, fraud, and injunctive relief
  • Officer liability or fraud
  • Breach of contract or contract disputes
  • Disputes regarding all types of legal entities, including LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Unfair business practices or business freeze-outs
  • Patent infringement
  • Suits arising from buying or selling a business
  • Securities fraud
  • Employee disputes or whistleblower actions

When to Consult a Business Litigation Attorney

Navigating the complex landscape of business law requires the expertise of a skilled business litigation attorney, especially when facing litigation matters that could impact the future of your Greensboro company. Consultation with a legal expert is crucial when you're dealing with issues such as breaches of contract, disputes over trade secrets, trademark infringements, or complications related to probate. These Greensboro, NC attorneys are adept in advocacy, ensuring that your business's interests are protected in various situations, whether it involves a tort, a breach of contract, or other legal disputes. 

Moreover, a litigation attorney can guide you through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, to resolve conflicts outside of court, potentially saving you time and resources. Understanding when to seek their counsel can prevent escalation and lead to quicker dispute resolution. Engaging a litigation attorney is also vital when facing a lawsuit or any form of commercial litigation that could jeopardize your business's operations or reputation. Therefore, at the first sign of legal trouble or when preemptively managing risk, consulting with a business litigation attorney can be invaluable. Their expertise in litigation matters, combined with a strategic approach to dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, ensures that your business navigates legal challenges effectively.

The Benefits of Working With a Commercial Litigation Attorney in Greensboro, NC

Working with a commercial litigation attorney provides numerous benefits that extend beyond mere legal representation. These legal professionals possess extensive experience in litigation law, which enables them to navigate the complexities of the litigation process efficiently. Here are some key advantages of partnering with a seasoned litigator: 

lawyers shaking hands
  • Expert guidance on intellectual property matters: Protecting your intellectual assets is crucial. A litigation attorney with expertise in intellectual property can offer the legal support needed to safeguard your innovations against infringement. 
  • Proficient in employment law: Issues such as wrongful termination or discrimination claims require a nuanced understanding of employment law. A business litigation attorney can represent your interests effectively, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks. 
  • Defense against defamation: In today's digital age, defamation can significantly damage a company's reputation. Experienced litigators can help manage and litigate such claims to protect your business's image. 
  • Navigating securities litigation: If your business is involved in the financial markets, the risk of securities litigation is ever-present. Legal representation by a litigator familiar with these complex cases can be indispensable. 
  • Appellate and courtroom advocacy: Should a dispute escalate to trial or appeal, having a litigation attorney with appellate and courtroom experience is critical. Their ability to litigate effectively can influence the outcome significantly. 

By engaging a business litigation attorney, you benefit from their comprehensive understanding of litigation law across various domains, including intellectual property, defamation, securities litigation, and employment law. Their ability to strategize and advocate on your behalf is invaluable in navigating legal challenges efficiently.

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