10 Signs You Need to File for Personal Bankruptcy

If you’re losing sleep at night because you’re worried about paying bills and have wondered if personal bankruptcy may be the solution, you’ve come to the right place. Bad things happen to good people so whether you or your spouse is out of work, have experienced a health issue or a personal matter such as divorce that caused you to get behind, you are not alone. We’ve listed 10 signs below to help you know whether you may need to consider personal bankruptcy.

  1. You’re behind on your mortgage payment and/or are already in foreclosure.
  2. You’re behind on your car payment and may be facing a repossession.
  3. You’re behind on all of your bills and can’t catch up, let alone get ahead.
  4. You’re paying credit card bills with other credit cards and/or are using credit cards for gas, groceries, and other everyday necessities because you don’t have cash.
  5. You can barely make the minimum monthly payment on your credit cards, if you can make it at all, and the interest rate is climbing.
  6. You’re getting payday loan advances in an attempt to stay ahead of the bills, therefore bringing home less money.
  7. You’re getting calls at home and at work from bill collectors.
  8. You’re borrowing money from family members and/or they are helping you monetarily.
  9. You’ve depleted the funds in your savings account and have considered cashing out your retirement.
  10. You’re facing wage garnishment.

File Personal Bankruptcy in NC

If at least two of these statements are true about your situation, you need to seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney. IMGT’s bankruptcy lawyers can help put an end to those harassing and embarrassing phone calls from bill collectors. If you’ve already received an official notice of foreclosure, wage garnishment, a lawsuit, an execution or automobile repossession, act now and contact an attorney to prevent losing your home, your car, or your hard-earned wages.
IMGT Law has helped hundreds of individuals through personal bankruptcy and we’ll help you too. Just don’t wait too long to get the expert help you deserve because you risk losing important rights you may have under bankruptcy law.