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Federal and state taxes are a challenge, especially in the state of North Carolina. Individuals and corporations alike hire tax attorneys near them to help prepare for each tax season, mitigate tax disputes, and even file appeals. With the next tax quarter fast approaching, it’s time to start working with a team of tax professionals with proven experience in tax preparation and tax resolution services.

Ivey McClellan is your local team of tax planning, consulting, and tax representation attorneys. We specialize in both tax issue resolution and prevention to cover each client from every angle. Our tax attorneys provide comprehensive legal representation to reach meaningful outcomes, reduce your chance of getting audited, and protect our clients in the courtroom.

Ivey McClellan Tax Attorneys: What We Do

Audit Protection and Representation

IRS notices are daunting. For some taxpayers, an IRS audit notice can be resolved without tax counsel. For others, an IRS audit may lead to criminal charges, including tax fraud. If you are concerned about criminal charges, tax fraud, garnishment, or a criminal investigation, you need an appropriate and aggressive audit defense. Ivey McClellan protects, defends, and represents clients possibly facing criminal charges as a result of an IRS tax audit.

Tax Debt Settlements and Relief

Owing taxes and not being able to make payments is serious. An Ivey McClellan tax attorney near you can investigate your case to see if you qualify for any tax relief including installment agreements, debt settlements, and even tax payment plans. We effectively prepare the necessary paperwork so the IRS can consider your tax settlement. Our tax attorneys have negotiated on behalf of countless clients for reduced or eliminated IRS tax debt or ensured they qualified for a guaranteed IRS installment agreement.

IRS Tax Lien and Tax Levy Release

Tax liens and levies make owning or selling property difficult, if not impossible. If the IRS claims your property as a result of unpaid balances, an experienced tax attorney may be able to negotiate an alternative tax solution on your behalf - especially if you qualify for economic hardship. Ivey McClellan tax attorneys aim to ensure you receive a certificate of release of federal tax lien or levy through careful evaluation of state and federal seizure provisions.

Delinquent Tax Returns

Even if you don’t owe any federal taxes, a late tax return can result in fees and penalties. By working with one of our tax attorneys, you can achieve a current standing with the IRS by preparing all federal and state unfiled returns and paying less or no late fees. Ivey McClellan helps you apply for a long-term payment plan to pay off the IRS at a reduced rate or eliminate delinquent penalties.


Form 1040 for filing tax returns in the U.S..

We Resolve and Prevent Tax Issues

Ivey McClellan understands local, state, and federal tax law. We believe in continuous education to stay current with every tax law update, change, and addition. Our Greensboro local tax attorneys analyze your tax profile to resolve or prevent serious issues including tax penalties or criminal charges. We value thorough preparation and follow a proven approach to best serve our clients.

We Conduct Throughout State and IRS Tax Research

Ivey McClellan’s tax lawyers investigate your case, first and foremost. A strong defense or prevention strategy begins with a solid understanding of your personal or business taxes. We identify issues, provide solutions, review documents, and communicate with the IRS on your behalf. Our tax attorneys make every effort to reduce IRS penalties, prepare for the United States Tax Court, and more - beginning with thorough research.

We Negotiate On Your Behalf In the US Tax Courts

Clients can sign a special document, Form 2848, which grants your tax attorney the right to negotiate and represent you in front of the IRS. Ivey McClellan has built a strong relationship with the IRS and we understand how to communicate effectively to negotiate settlements, terms, and releases regarding your tax liability.

We Provide Comprehensive Tax Representation

Ivey McClellan builds strong cases and oftentimes successfully negotiates with the IRS outside of the tax courts. However, in the event of criminal charges (e.g. tax fraud or audit findings), you will need tax attorney expertise in the courtroom. Our tax attorneys have represented countless individuals and businesses in Greensboro, NC to settle amounts owed.

We Prevent State and Federal Tax Issues

The key to avoiding tax problems is to prevent them. Ivey McClellan’s tax lawyers understand how the IRS and NCDOR function. We use this knowledge to help you prepare for quarterly and annual taxes, both federal and state. We aim to save our clients money with innovative and problem-solving legal tax solutions while protecting them from future tax issues or investigations. Our tax attorneys evaluate your tax compliance at every turn.

Working With A Tax Attorney in Greensboro, NC Is The Right Choice

As an individual, family, or business seeking tax solutions, working with a tax attorney near you in North Carolina is a smart choice. Ivey McClellan is conveniently located in Greensboro, NC and serves the Greater Triad Area. We are experts in federal and North Carolina state tax laws and have a strong understanding of the IRS and NCDOR.

Each of our tax attorneys is experienced, educated, and compassionate. We value in-person meetings to get to know each client. We make understanding and signing important legal tax documents easier and more approachable. Complete and file Internal Revenue Service forms with the help of a trained tax professional. Conveniently drop off paperwork or stop by with questions about your case.

If you’ve worked with other tax attorneys in the past and they just didn’t perform, it’s time to pursue another tax resolution with a local firm. Whether you are looking to protect your business from tax disputes in the future, you need criminal tax defense, or you want to obtain a fresh financial start, a tax attorney can help. Ivey McClellan is your Greensboro, NC team of tax attorneys, and we’re ready to get started.

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Contact us for a consultation to discuss your taxes and your needs. Each consultation is confidential and our tax attorney experts are prepared to answer any questions you may have while you file your taxes. Call us or use our easy online form to reach out and schedule your appointment today.

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