November 2013 News

opus aircraftOn November 15, 2013, the Firm attended an auction of Opus Aircraft, LLC (“Opus”). Opus is the manufacturer of Special Light Sport Aircrafts in Rockingham County, North Carolina. The Opus Aircraft was designed and created by Sir Richard Novel with the help of British Aerospace (builders of the Concord Airliner). Sir Richard also designed and built the world’s fastest car, The Thrust SSC. The company produces the Super 2 which is a Special Light Sport Aircraft. The Auction included all assets of the company for one bid in a “Sealed Bid Format”, which included a completed airplane with air worthiness certificate and current registration, another 98% completed airplane, four partially completed air frames, all structural jigs, all 1/3 million spare parts, all drawings, plans, copyrights, patterns, accessories and equipment. The auction was performed by Iron Horse Auction Company. While the auction did not produce a big that satisfied the necessary qualifications, Iron Horse is continuing to pursue a sale of the company’s assets. The Firm looks forward to the fantastic work of Iron Horse, and the wonderful sales result we know is likely to result.