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For a bankruptcy attorney in Greensboro, NC, turn to Ivey McClellan Law. Our firm has been practicing bankruptcy law for decades and have advocated for individuals, couples, and businesses both large and small areas across the State of North Carolina. When bankruptcy looms at your door, you need an attorney with the resources as well as the dedication to see the case and your interests through to the end.


Our bankruptcy attorneys provide you with the personalized service you need. We’ll help you determine if bankruptcy is the right choice for you then guide you through the process if that is the avenue you choose. We will:

  • Explain the different types of bankruptcy to help you understand the differences and determine which is best for your situation:
  • Calculate the Means test – the test, or formula, that determines whether you qualify for a particular type of bankruptcy.
  • Guide you through the filing process, including in-depth discussions regarding the exemptions to which you are entitled
  • Help you determine if there is a viable alternative to filing bankruptcy
  • Help you with loan modifications and home foreclosures, if applicable
  • Put an end to harassment by your creditors

Why wait another agonizing minute when Ivey McClellan can help lift the burden of the unknown from your shoulders? Whether you need help as an individual, as a couple, or as a business owner, consult with a bankruptcy attorney in Greensboro, NC you can rely on for the service you need.

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